Kitchen interior: Modern country

Kitchen interior: Modern country

Kitchen interior: Modern country Author: Style At Home


Kitchen interior: Modern country

Every single time Donna English has hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her 1970s-era home in King City, Ont., her mother has had to bring the turkey over already cooked because Donna couldn’t fit one in her too small, ancient oven. So when her mother saw the IKEA kitchen makeover contest announcement in Style at Home, she called Donna immediately to encourage her to enter. “I took my before photos that very day,” Donna says with a laugh.

Aside from old appliances, the kitchen had dated cabinets and an awkward layout. Donna dreamed of a modern white kitchen that would work for entertaining, as well as a hangout zone for her kids. Well, her dream came true. And the result? A beautiful, light-filled, functional space. Donna is happy to report that she cooked the Thanksgiving turkey for the first time this year!

Before the renovation
Click on the image to see how the kitchen was renovated.

Glass-fronted upper cabinets

Glass-fronted upper cabinets contribute to the new kitchen’s lighter, more open feel. To keep the look clutter-free, Style at Home senior style editor Ann Marie Favot stocked them with white serveware and clear glasses. Neatness is a must here! modern-country-kitchen-backsplas.jpg
Grey backsplash

Ann Marie designed the kitchen with as few upper cabinets as possible to enhance its airy vibe. Now, a wall of gleaming subway tiles in a warm pale grey acts as the focal point.

Kitchen island
The new island seats all three family members comfortably, eliminating the need for a separate table and chairs. Larger gatherings are held in the dining room, or in the backyard during the summer months.

Large sink
Donna was unsure about the large white apron-front sink with the new kitchen design. “I thought it would be a bit too country,” she says. Now, she loves its huge capacity and how it mixes well with modern elements like the grey quartz countertops and nickel-plated hardware. modern-country-kitchen-flooring.jpg
Stainless steel range

The stainless steel range hood matches the new suite of appliances and, although substantial-looking, its linear appearance gives it a sleek, modern edge.

Kitchen flooring
The five-inch-wide American walnut hardwood flooring was laid throughout the main floor – Donna took advantage of the kitchen renovation to change this major element in the house. It helps to warm up the white and grey kitchen and is cozier underfoot than the old ceramic tiles. modern-country-kitchen-artwork.jpg
Kitchen artwork

Inject favourite artwork and objects into a kitchen whenever possible to add a personal touch. Here, small pieces of art lean casually against the tiled kitchen backsplash wall.

Light fixtures

Pendants cast light right where it’s needed over the island for dinner prep or homework. Recessed pot lights around the rest of the room provide warm but bright lighting for cooking and washing up.

Kitchen blinds
The oversized gingham-print Roman blind adds softness to the room and ties into the soft taupe-grey subway tiles. The colour inspiration came from the original stone feature wall in the adjacent family room, which is open to the kitchen.

Gooseneck faucet
The tall gooseneck faucet is helpful for filling large pots and has a sleek, modern profile that contrasts nicely with the classic apron-style sink.

Tall pantry cabinets

Thanks to a full wall of tall pantry cabinets, the kitchen has a lot more storage capacity than the old one.

Extra storage space
Homeowner Donna English appreciates the kitchen island’s big drawers, which hold all her pots and pans and much more. The extra-wide countertop means there’s plenty of room for prep on one side while the kids do their homework or just hang out on the other. modern-country-kitchen-drawers.jpg
Large drawers

“Large drawers are probably the most efficient use of space,” says Ann Marie. “I try to incorporate them whenever possible.” Here, they hold everyday glassware right next to the dishwasher for easy unloading. Chunky handles are a practical choice in a busy family-friendly kitchen. modern-country-kitchen-gasrange.jpg
Five-burner gas range

The five-burner gas range with a spacious oven has room for a giant turkey at Thanksgiving – and just about anything else. “I order a lot less pizza now!” says Donna with a laugh. The subway tile backsplash allows for easy cleanup of any cooking messes.

Fridge and microwave oven

The built-in microwave oven saves space elsewhere in the kitchen and ensures that countertops stay clear. A brand new French-door-style fridge holds a lot of groceries – especially important in a house with two adolescent kids.

Get the look: Modern country

  • Classic Shaker-style kitchen cabinetry.
  • Sleek dark grey quartz countertops.
  • Country elements, such as an apron-front sink, used sparingly.
  • Crisp white finishes mixed with warm greys.
  • Modern accents like bold cabinetry hardware and industrial-style pendant lights.


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Kitchen interior: Modern country