Kitchen trends: 1 kitchen, 3 designs

Kitchen trends: 1 kitchen, 3 designs

Kitchen trends: 1 kitchen, 3 designs Author: Style At Home


Kitchen trends: 1 kitchen, 3 designs

Modern country kitchen

Easy, natural living is back in the kitchen. Comfort is key to this look, as are weathered elements and patina. Dishes, baskets and linens are simply stacked and the placement of kitchen essentials is right where you need them – forget the reliance on formal, structured, fussy organization. This mood is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings with a café au lait and the weekend crossword puzzle.

Trend 1 Coloured glass. Adding a subtle pop of colour in transparent hues, tinted glassware lends a relaxed vibe to a modern country kitchen.

Trend 2
Oversized pendant lights. Big, bold and beautiful, these statement-making fixtures work to balance out the myriad of small countertop elements inevitably found in kitchens.

Trend 3 Open-backed counter stools. A grown-up variation of the ubiquitous counter stool, this relative of the French café chair, with its weathered finish, is an ideal companion for this casual aesthetic.

A colourful eclectic kitchen

A cheery mix of Asian-inspired accents, luxe heirloom pieces and boho finds is unified by a strong colour palette. This is a look meant for the collector – there’s a place for everything, even if everything is not always in its place. The laissez-faire approach, however, is belied by the subtle organization of pattern, size and colour. There’s definitely a smart, stylish hand at play here.

Trend 1 Chinoiserie. A look that’s long been popular in other rooms of the home, chinoiserie is now making its stylish presence felt in the kitchen in graphic motifs and classic silhouettes.

Trend 2 Original artwork. The kitchen is often last on the list when thinking about art, but displaying a quirky piece or two adds a dose of character and a personal touch.

Trend 3 Ginger jars. Making the move from the living room, ginger jars are the latest easy way to add a decorator touch to your countertop.

Trend 4 Yellow. Whether you like it mellow or not, sunny punches of yellow fit any kitchen decor. Keep the look fresh and easy on the eyes by using the hue judiciously and pairing it with soft pinks, greens or blues. decorated-kitchen-industrial-chi.jpg
Industrial chic kitchen

This look embraces the lack of colour but retains its interest by employing texture, organic forms and varying tones of white and grey. Groupings of similar items provide a soothing, simple and streamlined environment and enhance the monochromatic palette. This style invites lingering over a hot cup of tea and your favourite decorating magazine on a rainy day.

Trend 1 Table lighting. As kitchens become more multi-purpose rooms, task lamps offer an alternative to harsh overhead lighting for illuminating work zones.

Trend 2 High contrast. Depth, mood and decorative tension are created in spaces with pale palettes by incorporating textures and tones. Here, because the shades of grey, silver and stone can read as one note, injecting hits of black adds definition and relieves the eye.

Trend 3 Organic shapes. Fluid contours and curves break up the sharp angles and straight lines in this kitchen, resulting in a space with a pleasing, soft demeanour.


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Kitchen trends: 1 kitchen, 3 designs