Living Room & Dining Room

8 dining room design dilemmas and solutions

8 dining room design dilemmas and solutions

Image by: Monic Richard

Living Room & Dining Room

8 dining room design dilemmas and solutions

Weeknight dinners and Sunday brunches, holiday entertaining and intimate meals, your dining room really can have it all!

Below, answers to the eight biggest dining room design dilemmas.



Photography by Donna Griffith

1 Problem: We have an uneven number of matching chairs for our dining table.

Having an odd number of dining chairs is the perfect opportunity to have fun in the dining room. Mix things up with a boldly patterned or vibrantly coloured chair at the head of the table.

Photography by Janis Nicolay

2 Problem: My wee ones have stained my upholstered dining chairs.

If you’re scared that reupholstering the chairs will only lead to them getting stained again, look for chairs made of fiberglass, acrylic or plastic – easy to clean and much more durable.

Photography by Monic Richard

3 Problem: I like a formal look in the dining room, but our new build is pretty stock standard.

A few architectural touches will give your dining room the formal design you crave.  Add some wainscoting or a chair rail to the walls and give the ceiling that finished look with crown molding. If you want to make the room even more grand, heighten the wainscoting to make the ceilings appear taller.


Photography by Donna Griffith

4 Problem: I love to entertain, but I’m lacking cupboard space in my new condo for all my platters and serving dishes.

Condos can be short on kitchen storage, so take to the dining area and purchase a buffet to house all of your favourite entertaining accessories.

Photography by Michael Nangreaves

5 Problem: We have a big drum shade pendant in the dining room but it’s seen better days.

Instead of replacing the lighting altogether, give that shade a little boost by recovering it in leftover wallpaper or patterned fabric.

Or try this glam gold DIY here.

Photography by Andrew Grinton

6 Problem: The lighting in the dining room is too harsh – I want to create a mood for entertaining.

If overhead lighting is too harsh to create that intimate restaurant experience in your dining room, install a dimmer switch. It’s an easy and affordable solution that allows you to be flexible with your light settings.

Photography by Virginia Macdonald

7 Problem: We don’t have a separate dining room, but there is a tiny nook off the kitchen. How do I best use this small space?

Go restaurant style and create a booth with two settees and a long table in the middle. Not only is it intimate, but you can also make it formal with tufted seating and a chandelier overhead.


Photography by Virginia Macdonald

8 Problem: Our dining room needs to double as our family table for four, as well as an entertaining space for up to ten.

If your everyday family dining differs from your weekend dinner parties, look for a versatile dining table that will cater to both. Opt for a round or square table with leaf inserts that will extend when you have guests over for dinner.


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Living Room & Dining Room

8 dining room design dilemmas and solutions