Living Room & Dining Room

The Best Seat in the House

The Best Seat in the House

Living Room & Dining Room

The Best Seat in the House


Whether you’re just watching TV or having friends over to make up for lost time, your living room is the spot. And with a fresh, modern design and (hundreds!) of configurations you can customize, Cozey sofas make it easy to pick what works best in your space – and to have some fun shaking it up whenever you feel like it

It’s all about the flow

People need to feel comfortable in a space; don’t block entranceways or other paths that you need to get in and out of the room. Make sure you have enough room to walk around, leaving at least two feet of space between the sofa and other furniture, and to leave clearance for opening cupboards, doors and windows.


Choose the right-size furniture

You need a comfortable place to relax. Let’s say you live in a small apartment. A large sofa will take up all the space and, similarly, a small sofa just gets lost in an open space. Get out the tape measure and check the measurements before you buy. If you have an open floor plan, a sectional can help separate and anchor the space between the living room and dining or work area. And make sure your furniture doesn’t block off any architectural features like a fireplace or windows.


Think about how your use your sofa

When deciding on a sofa, consider how you use this piece of furniture. Do you have a lot of people over, or do you like to sprawl out while you’re binge-watching your favourite series? Here’s where a configurable sofa can work really well. Look at sectionals with modular units, which can be customized in many different way to fit your lifestyle. If you work from home, think about getting a sofa with enough support while you’re taking calls or on your computer.


3 Quick Ways to Switch It Up

Don’t feel you have to live with one look in your living room forever. With the smart choices, it’s quick and easy to get a fresh look in your favourite room.

1. Hrmmm, something is different. If you buy modular furniture, it’s easy to move modules around for a different look. Really, the possibilities are practically endless.

2. Take something away. In some cases, less really is more. Maybe relocate some of your collectibles or small items to other areas of your home. Or perhaps clear some of the clutter, and consider donating items you no longer need. It will make the space seem larger.

3. Change up the colours. Mix-and-match hues, patterns and textures. Go for a new area rug, a throw, decorative pillows – or hang new artwork on the walls.





I love colour and patterns ­­– what fabric should I get for my sofa?

It’s easy to go for a modern look with a light or dark neutral colour for large pieces of furniture like the sofa. Keep in mind that natural materials may fade in strong sunlight, so go for a synthetic fabric if the sofa will be near a window. Look for cushion covers that can be spot-cleaned easily. And look for a company that stands behind its product: Cozey sofas, for instance, will send you a new set of covers if you can’t get the stain out.

How do I get a sofa through my tiny doorway and up the stairs?

Look at modular design that can be delivered in sections, i.e., the seats and arms are packed in different boxes – you can bring them in yourself or enlist the help of your partner or a friend to make it easier. And you shouldn’t have to pay for delivery either, look for a manufacturer that will absorb this cost as well.

Help – I’m not handy with tools!

No worries, choose a sofa and other items with easy tool-free assembly, in which the parts snap and click into place, so they can be put together in about 20 minutes. And that’s helpful if you want to change the configuration at any time as well.


What’s the most important thing?

Make sure you have enough seating in your living room. There’s nothing worse than having to drag in kitchen chairs for a few friends to watch a movie, and think about this: a family can grow in the future.

Look at how many people will be sitting on the sofa at once. A loveseat for two is cosy, but look for modular sofas, so you can add a lounging chaise, a corner module or an ottoman. That’s why Cozey sofas make sense. You can start with a regular sofa and add on for a customized sectional, they offer loads of different configurations. And you can feel good about your purchase – Cozey sofas is a Canadian company!



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Living Room & Dining Room

The Best Seat in the House