5 fab outdoor entertaining spaces

5 fab outdoor entertaining spaces

An impromptu garden party on a budget. Author: Edward Pond


5 fab outdoor entertaining spaces

Turn your backyard into a sweet retreat with these 5 outdoor entertaining ideas.


Photography by Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Sophisticated dinner party
Having an open space just off a pair of doors leading inside is perfect for an outdoor dining table. Transferring food from the kitchen is easy and guests can mingle indoors and out.

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Photography by Michael Graydon

Intimate courtyard
A small nook at the side of your house doesn't need to go unnoticed -- use it as an intimate eating area. Create a zone with an outdoor rug and surround the space with your favourite flowers and plants.

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Photography by Edward Pond

Outdoor party on a budget
Buying a whole new dining set for your backyard can be rather expensive. Instead, next time you have guests over for an outdoor dinner or brunch, bring your casual indoor dining set outside.

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Photography by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines

French country style
What's more relaxing than a French country style brunch in the open air? We can't all escape to Toulouse for a fresh meal, but you can get this look by leaving your wood furniture outside to get weathered and placing small, simple bunches of flowers in water glasses or bud vases.




Photography by David Bagosy

Open concept coverted garage

When you're an urban dweller, you take space wherever you can get it. The owner of this Toronto home saw an opportunity in an unused garage space and converted it into an open concept, outdoor lounge. Complete with a bar and sofa, this bright escape is perfect for both sunny and rainy days.

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5 fab outdoor entertaining spaces