7 Garden Trends We’re Going To See In 2025

7 Garden Trends We’re Going To See In 2025

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7 Garden Trends We’re Going To See In 2025

What will you be planting next year?

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, held annually in London, is one of the most prestigious gardening events in the world. Organized by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), this iconic show features stunning garden designs, innovative horticultural displays and the latest gardening trends. 

The event attracts top designers, plant enthusiasts and visitors from around the globe, offering a blend of horticultural excellence and artistic creativity. Each year, the Chelsea Flower Show sets the stage for groundbreaking garden concepts and celebrates the beauty and diversity of plants. 

Here are some of the key trends from this year’s edition that we’ll see work their way into our gardens soon:

1. Sustainable Gardening Practices


Homeowners are increasingly opting for drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly plants, which reduce the need for irrigation and harmful chemicals. Meadow gardens, featuring a mix of bulbs, perennials and annuals, are gaining popularity for their low maintenance and ecological benefits. We’re seeing the use of recycled and upcycled materials for outdoor furnishings and decor is having a moment, with items like salvaged wood and recycled metal adding character to gardens.

2. Eco-Friendly Materials



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Eco-friendly materials are going beyond plants to include garden structures and decor. Try recycled composite decking, permeable pavers and sustainably sourced hardwoods for their minimal environmental impact and durability. These materials support sustainable practices and enhance the visual appeal of garden spaces.

3. Natural and Minimalist Designs


Scandinavian minimalism, characterized by a cool colour palette and simple, functional decor, is trending. Natural stone pathways, wooden structures and metal accents are preferred over plastic, creating a serene and harmonious garden atmosphere.

4. Carnivorous Plants


These fascinating plants, such as Venus flytraps and pitcher plants, offer an exotic appeal and serve as natural pest controllers by trapping and digesting insects. Their unusual appearance and functionality make them a standout addition to any garden.

5. Forest Gardens


Food forests mimic natural ecosystems—they incorporate a variety of edible plants, shrubs and trees in a layered structure, which promotes biodiversity, conserves water and creates a self-sustaining environment that requires minimal maintenance while providing a bountiful harvest.

6. Irises


Known for their striking flowers and variety of colours, we love irises for their beauty and adaptability. They can thrive in diverse conditions, add a vibrant, elegant touch to garden beds and borders and enhance the visual appeal of both traditional and contemporary garden designs.

7. Portal-Like Structures


Looking to create a sense of mystery and enchantment in your garden? Arched trellises, circular gates and mirrored installations invite exploration and add a whimsical element to outdoor spaces. They can serve as focal points, drawing attention and creating a dynamic visual experience within the garden.





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7 Garden Trends We’re Going To See In 2025