Garden design: Modern, urban teen retreat

Garden design: Modern, urban teen retreat

Award-winning British landscape designer Mark Gregory creates an outdoor living space for teens. Author: Virginia Macdonald


Garden design: Modern, urban teen retreat

Award-winning British landscape designer Mark Gregory and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver create the perfect open-air pad for teens.

When award-winning British landscape designer Mark Gregory took on the task of creating a teen garden for the 2010 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, he envisioned a modern, urban retreat where young people could feel relaxed and at home, yet apart from other adults.

Mark was enlisted by the U.K.’s Children’s Society, a London-based charity that aims to give all children a better chance in life. Inspired by the charity’s groundbreaking 2010 survey “Understanding Children’s Well-Being,” Mark, principal designer at Landform Consultants, created a relaxing, 30-by-30-foot open-air pad where kids can chill out with friends in a safe, stylish environment.



Green-roof pavilion

Mark Gregory, principal designer of Landform Consultants, designed the 10-by-10-foot green-roofed garden pavilion as an outdoor living space where teenagers can hang out. The seating surrounds a submerged firepit, while the nearby pool offers a place to take a cool dip.



Plunge pool

The plunge pool is surrounded by custom-cut Yorkshire sandstone. Mark used an innovative water-cut technique to shape the thick stone slabs into soft forms, which mimic the water’s sense of movement and add a unique textured look that makes them seem nearly natural.



Wood-burning pizza oven

The brick-clad wood-burning oven is both attractive and functional in this teen-centric space. The rustic brick fits naturally into the organic scheme of unstained wood and native U.K. stone, which is complemented by a mostly green-and-white plant palette.



Storage solution

The pavilion’s curtains can be drawn shut to block out cool drafts. Inside the pavilion, additional firewood is cleverly stored under the oak bench.



Plant palette

Shade-loving ferns and hostas lend texture to the garden design, while aquatic plants, including ornamental rhubarb and horsetail, outline the stones surrounding the naturally filtered pool.


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Garden design: Modern, urban teen retreat