Gardening tips and techniques

Gardening tips and techniques

Gardening tips and techniques Author: Style At Home


Gardening tips and techniques

gardening-tips-tricks-accessorie.jpg 6 indoor gardening accessories
These useful indoor gardening accessories will help you bring a little green into your home.

gardening-tips-tricks-tools.jpg 10 new gardening accessories and tools
Any of these stylish gardening accessories will help you create a beautiful outdoor living space.

gardening-tips-tricks-terrarium.jpg How to: Create a whimsical terrarium
Select a gorgeous glass vessel, mini plants and decorative accessories to piece together a mini garden under glass.

gardening-tips-tricks-musts.jpg 15 garden must-haves
Gear up with these 15 essentials for creating your own gorgeous garden.

gardening-tips-tricks-indoor.jpg 11 ways to bring life into your home with indoor gardening
Add some greenery and fresh colour to your indoor garden to beat the winter blahs.

gardening-tips-tricks-bright.jpg Brighten up your garden
We show you how carefully chosen lighting can transform a garden.

gardening-tips-tricks-patio.jpg Post-patio: 5 tips to bring life back to your yard
Enjoy the outdoors long after patio season has passed.

gardening-tips-tricks-10.jpg Top 10 garden tools
Roll up your sleeves and dig in - to your garden, that is - with our guide to your top 10 essential garden tools.

garden101-main.jpg Gardening 101
Garden expert Mark Cullen dishes the dirt on growing a thriving garden.

gardentips-gardenfaqs2-med.jpg Gardening FAQs
Get your garden growing with these helpful horticultural hints.

gardentips-tool-care-tips.jpg Tool-care tips
Take the time to ensure that your garden equipment is clean and in good repair.

gardentips-beyond-your-own-backy.jpg Beyond your own backyard
Connect with fellow green thumbs and share your passion for gardening.

gardentips-gardentrends-MAIN.jpg Garden trends
Turn your garden into an outdoor haven with tips from expert Kathy Renwald.

gardentips-putting-the-garden-to.jpg Putting the garden to bed
Five ways to help your plants survive the winter.

gardentips-balconygarden-MEDIUM.jpg Garden decor: Planning a balcony garden
If you don't have a backyard, your balcony can still be home to a gorgeous garden. Here are 10 things to consider before you get started.

gardentips-roofgarden-MEDIUM.jpg Roof gardens: 9 expert tips
Create a rooftop oasis you'll enjoy all summer long.

gardentips-green-or-brown-thumb-.jpg Quiz: Is your thumb green or brown?
Take this quiz to find out if you're a gardening goddess or a horticultural horror. If gardening isn't your strength, learn how to turn your brown thumb green.

gardentips-organized-outdoors-ma.jpg Get organized outdoors
Turn your outdoor surroundings into an organized haven.

gardentips-garden-tricks-mian.jpg 15 garden tricks
Tips that'll make your flowers flourish and your plants prosper.

gardentips-lazygardener.jpg The lazy gardener: Four easy weekends to botanical bliss
A minimum-effort, maximum-beauty planner.

gardentips-wildflowers.jpg Wild about wildflower gardens
Pesticide-free, eco-friendly gardens are the hottest trend in yards today.

gardentips-colour-your-garden.jpg Colour your garden
Stimulate your senses and bring your garden to life with brilliant colour combinations.

gardentips-garden-beauties.jpg Garden beauties
20 expert tips to get the most enjoyment from your flowers.

gardentiips-hybrid-peonies.jpg Hybrid peonies for today's gardens
Find out how to use colourful and lush peonies in your contemporary garden.

gardentips-flowering-shrubs.jpg Choosing and planting flowering shrubs
Brighten up your garden with fancy foliage and flowers.

gardentips-gardenista-must-haves.jpg10 gardenista must-haves
Get growing with our hip list of garden essentials.

gardentips-container-med.jpgA simple guide to container gardening
Everything you need to know about successfully growing a container garden.

gardentips-7-commandments-med.jpgThe 7 commandments of green gardening
Steer clear of common eco-gardening mistakes with these words of wisdom from the experts.


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Gardening tips and techniques