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10 fabulous home fragrances

10 fabulous home fragrances

10 fabulous home fragrances Author: Style At Home

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10 fabulous home fragrances

We've done the work for you and gathered 10 fabulously versatile home fragrance products that will leave your home smelling fantastic and fresh. It can be challenging to find that perfect aroma for your home, but with these "scentsible" choices, perfection couldn’t be easier.


1 Goji & tarocco candle

With a sweet and sour combo, this tropical candle by Voluspa is sure to capture your senses and spice up your home with a little Moroccan flair. Whether you’re having a quiet night in or a lively cocktail party, this candle maintains the perfect air. $22 each;


2 Beautea linen spray

Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly brewed pot of tea? Spritz your linens with this delicate black pekoe scent from Beautea Organic -- perfect for keeping things fresh between laundry days. $18 per bottle;


3 Line-dried-cotton oil

Recreate the scent of spring-fresh laundry straight from the clothesline. With this home fragrance oil from The Body Shop, toughing out the winter just got a little bit easier. $7.50 per bottle;

home-fragrance-drawer-liners.jpg 4 Scented drawer papers
There’s no need to be celebrating a first-anniversary to enjoy this gorgeous paper. Line your dresser drawer, or the shelves in your closets with these beautiful scented sheets for a lasting floral fragrance. $28 per roll (choose from six different scents);


5 White Citrus room spray

A contemporary twist on the traditional citrus scent, the fragrance of this room spray has added ginger flower and waterlily. Try using this spray in a guest room for an invigorating welcome. $5 per bottle, Bath and Body Works;



6 Lucia goat milk and linseed soap

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this pure (and beautifully packaged!) bar is perfect for washing away a stressful day. Store a few in a jar or basket in the bathroom to show off the pretty packaging. $10 each, available at select Chapters and Indigo Stores;


7 Lavender dish soap and surface cleaner
Pick up this delicious duo of cleansers and you’ll hardly be able to wait to clean those dirty dishes and smudgy tabletops. Perfect for that pile of post dinner-party dishes, or a quick refresh for your kitchen countertops before those guests arrive. From $12 each;


8 Kimono Rose soap set

A delicious union of sweet clementine, cassis, rose, peony and jasmine make up this soap’s scent. This beautiful Thymes Kimono Rose soap set makes a fabulous hostess gift or token for your houseguests. $18 per set;


9 Philosophy Amazing Grace candle
Amazing Grace, how sweet the…smell? After a long day, there’s nothing better than cosying up in your favourite chair, lighting this candle, and letting the soft floral perfume turn your room into a calming paradise. $36 US each, Sephora;


10 Clean Mist odour eliminator

Created by world-renowned fragrance expert, Harry Slatkin, Bath and Body Works’ Clean Mist fragrance combines bergamot and mandarin. Use in pet-frequented areas, closets, or on furniture to eliminate odours quickly and keep your home smelling fresh. $5 per bottle;


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Buying Guides

10 fabulous home fragrances