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10 fabulous Father's Day gifts

10 fabulous Father's Day gifts

10 fabulous Father's Day gifts Author: Style At Home

Gifts & Must-Haves

10 fabulous Father's Day gifts

Father's Day is just around the corner, and with most families, Dad is always the hardest to buy for. No matter what kind of father you have -- the gadget lover, the golfer or master of the grill -- we have you covered with 10 fabulous Father's Day gift ideas.

For the grilling Dad
Does your Dad become a master of the grill as soon as the warm weather hits? Make sure he's prepared to fire up some food with these flexible skewers from Williams-Sonoma. With bendable wires, the skewers are great for ensuring Dad has room for everything on the grill. $20 US, Williams-Sonoma.

For the beer connoisseur Dad
Let Dad get the perfect pour with a tall beer glass for his favourite lager. This Hefeweizen glass from Pottery Barn comes in a set of six and features a mark near the lip to leave room for the head. $27 US for a set of 6, Pottery Barn.

For the outdoors Dad
If your Dad spends every spare moment puttering around the backyard or hanging out by the dock at the cottage, an Adirondack chair is the perfect gift. These colourful chairs from Pottery Barn are made of durable maple with a weather-resistant finish. $200 US, fathers-day-golf.jpg 2 For the golfing Dad
For many men, summer means little more than the start of golf season. Help Dad get his putting skills in check with the Golfer's Doorstop -- just wedge underneath a door and swing (lightly!) away. $20 US, Z Gallerie.


fathers-day-TV-aquos.jpg 3 For the tech loving Dad
If you're teaming up with brothers and sisters to get your tech-toting Dad something he'll really love, look no further than the Sharp AQUOS HD TV.  This top-of-the-line TV features groundbreaking Quattron technology that gives you the clearest picture possible with the ability to show more than a trillion colours. Starting at $1699 for a 40", Bay Bloor Radio.


fathers-day-kobo.jpg 6 For the book-loving Dad
Dad may love his courtroom novels, but he'll have to update how he reads them in order to stay with the times. Indigo's fabulous e-reader, the Kobo, is a lightweight device that will let Dad store up to 1000 e-books at once. *Read our editor's review of the Kobo on her Favourite Things blog.* $149, Chapters & Indigo Books and Music.


fathers-day-globe.jpg 7 For the globetrotting Dad
Dad can now play cartographer with a stylish chalkboard globe. If your father loves to travel, this globe is a perfect gift -- each place he visits can be marked off in chalk upon his return for a visual diary of his journeys. $120 US, VivaTerra.


fathers-day-burger-press.jpg 8 For the perfectionist foodie
Grilling burgers is one thing, but making sure they look perfect is another. If your Dad is eager to serve up only the best, treat him to this adjustable burger press from Williams-Sonoma. Ideal for making the best burgers, this press cuts out perfectly shaped patties complete with grill lines. $36 US, Williams-Sonoma.


fathers-day-shaving.jpg 9 For the eco-friendly Dad
Pamper Dad this Father's Day with a stylish eco-friendly shaving kit. Complete with organic aftershave, brush and body soap, the kit also features a shaving soap made with Guinness. $35 US, orangefuzz on Etsy.


fathers-day-star-wars.jpg 10 For the playful Dad
You may roll your eyes at Dad's love of Luke Skywalker, but nothing will bring a bigger smile to his face than a Father's Day breakfast of pancakes in the shape of Star Wars characters. The set of 3 molds from Williams-Sonoma features Yoda, Darth Vader and a stormtrooper. $20 US, Williams-Sonoma.

On a budget? We have nine great Father's Day gift ideas for under $100!


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Gifts & Must-Haves

10 fabulous Father's Day gifts