Gifts & Must-Haves

10 great gifts from Canadian artisans

10 great gifts from Canadian artisans

10 great gifts from Canadian artisans Author: Style At Home

Gifts & Must-Haves

10 great gifts from Canadian artisans

Need the perfect gift for someone on your list? Look no further! Some of the most unique and stylish gift ideas come from right here at home thanks to talented Canadian artisans. Here's a look at some great gift options.   



1 Brightly coloured vases
These vases are a colourful way to add some style to a home. They are large and sturdy enough to hold all-types of flowers, or they can make a bold statement all on their own. Cyclone vase $110, Reinstate.



artisan-wreath.jpg2 Elegant metal wreath
What would the holiday season be without a wreath? But instead of giving a wreath that is suitable for only one season, try one that is simple and elegant enough to be used year-around. This metal leaf wreath is ideal for those who want to get the most out of what they own. Wreath by Derek and Tracey Martin $59, Martin House Art.



artisan-box.jpgartisan-box1.jpg3 Hand-painted storage boxes
Give the gift of organization this year. These handy storage boxes are perfect for all kinds of needs: knitting, diapers, books, videos -- anything that needs a home. The hand painted designs on linen are fab and the inside is lined with canvas for extra sturdiness. House storage box $35, Bookhou.



4 Pottery tea set
A classic piece of pottery is on our must-have list. This teatime collection is not only stunning in terms of craftsmanship, but also has a unique design. For your one-of-a-kind friend, this one-of-a-kind find would be ideal. Teapot $142, teacup $26, saucer $18; Blackbird Pottery.


artisan-bowl.jpg5 Eco-friendly serving bowl
This butternut bowl by Taylor Ganton and Patrick Loubert is made of reclaimed wood and will bring a rustic feel to any home. Eco-conscious or not, this gift is a beautiful piece to adorn any table. Butternut bowl  $220, Snake Island Furniture.





6 Classic black and white vase
Don't just give the gift of flowers! Bring those flowers in a stunning vase -- one that is classic and will be in style for years to come (no matter how often you change your decor). We love the simplicity of this black and white vase -- it will surely please many on your list. Anne Armstrong tall vase $250, Brickworks Pottery.





7 Fab sushi set
This sushi set is a wonderful gift for the food-lover on your list. We love the black and red combo of the glass and the slick design of the plates. Five-piece sushi set $165; Joriki Designs.   



artisan-napkins.jpg8 Pretty fabrics
Is there someone on your list who is known for throwing dinner parties? These table linens are a great gift to give the ultimate hostess. Hand painted in artsy prints, they are the perfect accompaniment to any urban get-together. Wildflower pillow cover (in blue) $30, cloudberry napkins and placemats (in mandarin), $34 per set of 4 each, LUprints. White napkins in Roco motif $34 per set of 2, lichen table runner in Roco motif $31, Trace.




9 Cozy hand-felted wool rug
This beautiful rug is handcrafted to give a unique texture and pattern. We love the design shown here, of a creamy white base with black lines and gray patches. It's like having a piece of art under your feet and a cozy flooring option for your toes. Farha Dharshi hand-felted wool rug $448, Lilou/SUF Montreal.

artisan-pillow.jpgartisan-pillow1.jpg10 Chic and fun cushions
Chic cushions can add a special je ne sais quoi to a room, so the gift of a comfy yet stylish cushion is a wonderful idea. These affordable pillows come in a variety of patterns. We like the classic damask and the modern circle pattern. Cushions  $34 each, Carol Tremblay Designs.


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Gifts & Must-Haves

10 great gifts from Canadian artisans