Style Destination

Must-visit road trip destinations

Must-visit road trip destinations

The Drake Devonshire Author: Kayla Rocca

Style Destination

Must-visit road trip destinations

Experience the best of North America from coast-to-coast with these must-visit destinations.

Take to the open road with our list of must-visit style destinations across North America.

style-destination-PEC-SM.jpg Style destination: Prince Edward County
The ultimate guide to spending a weekend in Ontario's Prince Edward County.


style-destination-muskokaSM.jpg Style destination: Muskoka
Learn how to best spend a long weekend in Ontario's Muskoka region.

style-destination-brooklyn-SM.jpg Style destination: Brooklyn, New York
A trip to New York City isn’t quite complete without a visit to Brooklyn.

style-destination-palm-beach-SM.jpg Style destination: Palm Beach, Florida
With its sandy shores and swaying palm trees, Style at Home assistant editor Eryn Chesney shares her favourite Palm Beach stops.

style-destination-san-fran-SM.jpg Style destination: San Francisco
California’s City by the Bay is managing editor Catherine Therrien’s favourite destination.

style-destination-charlottetown-.jpg Style destination: Charlottetown, P.E.I
Places to eat, shop and stay when visiting this quaint waterfront East Coast city.

style-destination-nappa-SM.jpg Style destination: Napa Valley, California
Where to have fun and live the laidback lifestyle in California's beautiful Napa Valley wine region.

style-destination-vancouver-SM.jpg Style destination: Victoria, British Columbia
Top spots to shop, eat and sleep at in Victoria, B.C.

style-destination-seattle-SM.jpg Style destination: Seattle
With its cool shops and trendy restaurants, there's good reason why Seattle attracts some of the most creative types around.

style-destination-schomberg-SM.jpg Style destination: Schomberg, Ontario
Our Editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin shares her favourite spots in the quaint historic town of Schomberg, Ontario.

style-destination-junction-SM.jpg Style destination: The Junction
Named after the nearby intersection of four railway lines, Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood boasts lots to satisfy a Saturday in the city.

style-destination-nantucket-SM.jpg Style destination: Nantucket
Your guide to the Nantucket's best and most charming hideaways for the perfect summer getaway.

roadtrip-metapage-la.jpg Style destination: Los Angeles
Style at Home senior web editor, Natalie DiScala shares her must-visit locations when traveling to sunny Los Angeles.

roadtrip-metapage-lasvegas.jpg Style destination: Las Vegas
Style at Home editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin shares her favourite stops on the Las Vegas strip.

roadtrip-metapage-lodges.jpg Style destination: Winter lodge getaways
For your next winter getaway, check-in to one of these cozy lodges.

roadtrip-metapage-boston.jpg Style destination: Boston
Assistant editor Amanda Etty takes us to the best of Boston by showing us great places to eat, shop and stay!

roadtrip-metapage-distillery.jpg Style destination: Distillery District
What to do, where to eat and where to shop in Toronto's Distillery District.

roadtrip-metapage-midland.jpg Style destination: Midland, Ontario
Stopping in Midland? We have the best places for you to stay, shop and eat while you’re in town.

roadtrip-metapage-austin.jpg Style destination: Austin, Texas
If the lively Texas music scene and unique antiques shops don't convince y'all to visit, the full-flavoured food will.

roadtrip-metapage-halifax.jpg Style destination: Halifax
East Coast hospitality and famous seafood cuisine are just a few reasons to visit this bustling seaport, Canada’s largest city east of Montreal.

roadtrip-metapage-philly.jpg Style destination: Philadelphia
The City of Brotherly Love has more to offer than just its impressive historical pedigree.

roadtrip-metapage-collingwood.jpg Style destination: Collingwood, Ontario
This old shipbuilding town is now bustling with cool things to see and do all year-round.

roadtrip-metapage-whistler.jpg Style destination: Whistler
Explore Whistler by taking a peek at the best places to eat, shop and sleep.



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Style Destination

Must-visit road trip destinations