Style Destination

Stylish European hot spots to visit

Stylish European hot spots to visit

Stylish European hot spots to visit Author: Style At Home

Style Destination

Stylish European hot spots to visit

Peruse these stylish destinations and hotel designs of the world from London to Venice. (Trust us, you'll be glad you did.)

euro-travel-monaco-meta.jpgStyle destination: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Find out how Monte Carlo offers lavish design inspiration.

european-travel-dublin.jpgHotel Style: Four Seasons Dublin
Bright, bold colours and fun textiles create the perfect mix of classic and modern decor in this posh Dublin hotel.

european-travel-glasgow.jpgStyle destination: Glasgow, Scotland
With its swoon-worthy shops, chic cafes and architectural design, Scotland's largest city might be your next travel destination.

european-travel-paris.jpgStyle destination: Paris, France
Style at Home's Associate Editor Sara Cation visits Paris, France to hit up some of hot spots!

european-travel-venice.jpgStyle destination: Venice, Italy
Where to shop and where to eat in Venice, Italy, a beautiful and historic Italian destination.

european-travel-london.jpgHotel style: St. Pancras Renaissance
Get inspired by the luxurious feel of this landmark London hotel.

european-travel-lemeurice.jpgHotel style: Le Meurice
Paris' Le Meurice hotel redefines luxury.

european-travel-lac.jpgHotel style: Baur au Lac
Zurich's Baur au Lac offers guests a truly intimate experience in a hotel that features an inimitable sense of style.

european-travel-angleterre.jpgHotel style: Angleterre & Residence
Lausanne's Anglettere & Residence is an idyllic getaway on Switzerland's Lake Geneva.

european-travel-italian.jpgHotel style: Italian Mod
Family-run Italian fashion house Missoni has branched into luxury lodging, opening its first hotel on the Scottish capital’s Royal Mile.

european-travel-moorings.jpgHotel style: The Moorings Village
The best of both worlds come together in a cottage style holiday heaven in Florida.

european-travel-rathaus.jpgHotel style: Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design
Champagne hues, modern furniture and accent lighting create a chic and unique look in Vienna's wine-themed hotel.

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Style Destination

Stylish European hot spots to visit