10 decorating ideas for book lovers

10 decorating ideas for book lovers Author: Style At Home


10 decorating ideas for book lovers

If you’re a avid reader with a deep love of the written word, let it shine throughout your home. Decorate with books creatively strewn on tables, piled artistically on open shelves or used as risers for other objets d’art. Alternatively, let your love affair with books inspire your decorating choices. Look for accessories with printed words in beautiful script to add romance to a room. Spark imagination with photographs or prints of books. Or choose furniture pieces designed to showcase your literary treasures. However you do it, infusing your home with literary-inspired items will create a cosy, inviting space that you’ll well, want to curl up with a good book and read in.
1 Bookends
Stylish bookends make it easier to display your volumes in random places. These attractive and colourful glazed ceramic owls are perfect for the job! As a bonus, you’ll be supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. West Elm, $14.53 - $19.72. decor-4-booklovers-framed-page.jpg
2 Framed book pages

Sometimes words stay with you long after you’ve finished reading a book. Framed passages are a great way to keep them fresh in your mind and share them with others. We love this framed print of a passage from Pride and Prejudice, as Mr. Darcy reveals his passion for Elizabeth. Swoon., $38.97 USD. decor-4-booklovers-oldeditions.jpg
3 Old editions

While brand new glossy covers hold a definite appeal, don’t dismiss the charm of older, more weathered ones. First editions or 1950s versions like these, will add character to any room. JunkShopUK on, $35.63. decor-4-booklovers-bookshelves.jpg
4 Bookshelves

Many booklovers dream of rich paneled libraries in their homes, but it’s not in the cards for most. Opt instead for more modern shelving and keep it interesting by stacking books in random ways, coupled with other objects like photos or decorative bowls. West Elm, $933.22. decor-4-booklovers-bookboxes.jpg
5 Book boxes

Cloth-bound faux books offer attractive storage solutions for an office, living room or bedroom. A perfect way to keep your space clutter-free. Restoration Hardware, $96 - $134. decor-4-booklovers-new-editions.jpg
6 New editions

Show off your favourite paperbacks in a rainbow of colours with these great editions aptly called “Books are Beautiful.” Their vibrant covers are absolute eye candy. Indigo, $12.88. decor-4-booklovers-book-photogra.jpg
Book photography

In this case a picture is literally worth a thousand words. This print of vintage tomes has book lover written all over it! CarlChristensen on, $30. decor-4-booklovers-pillow.jpg
8 Graphic pillows

Creating a cosy corner nook in your home where you can escape for hours with your literary loves? There couldn’t be a more perfect throw pillow cover than this. TwirlyGirlTees on,  $14.99. decor-4-booklovers-coffee-table.jpg
9 Coffee table

Simply designed, this beautiful piece lets your books take centre stage. It’s like the bestsellers table at the bookstore, but better because it’s in the comfort of your own home. Horchow, $1069. decor-4-booklovers-coffeetable-b.jpg
10 Coffee table books

This book caught our eye for the stark beauty of the cover. But hidden inside is a wealth of decorating ideas for monochromatic rooms in an array of colours. Crate and Barrel, $62.28;


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10 decorating ideas for book lovers