Bedroom finds under $50

Bedroom finds under $50 Author: Style At Home


Bedroom finds under $50

Decorating on a budget can be difficult. But with budget-friendly and beautiful products like these, decorating your bedroom will be a breeze. You won’t have to spend big bucks to get an expensive look. These bedroom decor accessories will help you create a chic space without having to empty your wallet. From couples’ to kids’ bedrooms, we’ve rounded up 10 bedroom decor finds that you won’t believe are under $50.
1 Throw blanket
This sunset throw is just the thing to keep you toasty warm during cold nights. Available in blues, purples and a variety of other colours, these throw blankets are dip-dyed to create a chic ombre look. West Elm, $40.95. 1-bedroom-finds-dish.jpg
2 Bird jewelry dish

This dish provides an adorable way for any girl to keep her jewelry safe. Designed in the form of a birdbath, place this jewelry dish on your bedroom dresser to hold watches, bracelets, necklaces or even spare change. The sparrow’s tail is designed just for holding all of your beautiful rings. Pottery Barn, $31.70. 1-bedroom-finds-sweet-dreams.jpg
3 ‘Sweet Dreams’ wall art

This self-adhesive vinyl wall quote can be easily applied just above your bed. The words add a special decorative touch to not only the wall but to the space as a whole. It comes off just as easily as it goes on the wall, so you can swap it out for another quote in the months or years to come. Etsy, $15.99US.

4 Night table clock
Available in a nickel, bronze or pewter finish, this charming clock mimics an English pocket watch.  The roman numerals give it a special touch while the mini easel allows for the small clock to be placed on a night table on either side of the bed. It’s the perfect accessory to add European charm to your bedroom. Pottery Barn, $34.35.

5 Acrylic block frame

These gorgeous frames will look like you spent a lot more money than you did. These elegant block frames are ideal for displaying images of important milestones or special memories in your bedroom. The chic design is great for a couple’s bedroom as it appeals to both genders. Place a black and white photo on either side of the frame for a modern, luxe look in the space. Crate and Barrel, $20.10 - $23.88. 1-bedroom-finds-letters.jpg
6 Hand-painted still life monogram

A large, handcrafted letter makes for a great bedroom decor accessory. Each of these letters is inspired by vintage oil paintings and are fun items to hang on the wall. Purchase just one letter, or a few to make a beautiful wall decor display. Anthropologie, $48. 1-bedroom-finds-displaybox.jpg
7 Glass display box

Do you have a significant piece of jewelry that should really be on display when it’s not being worn? If so, you’ll definitely want to keep it secure. This glass display box will do just that, but in an elegant manner. Present your special keepsakes or jewelry in this decorative box, and display it on your bedroom dresser. The crafted box with a mirror bottom reflects the items displayed inside. Monogramming is also available. Pottery Barn, $38.31. 1-bedroom-finds-mirror.jpg
8 Lamb-shaped mirror

Even your kids might like some decorative pieces in their bedrooms. With more than one child, decorating bedrooms can become an expensive process. Items like this lamb-shaped mirror will help you save a buck or two, while still adding a playful touch to their space. This delightful lamb-shaped mirror is perfect for any little girl’s bedroom or nursery. She may not know how to count sheep yet, but she’ll definitely love the idea of having these cute characters on her wall. Pottery Barn Kids, $49.55. 1-bedroom-finds-vase.jpg
9 Kiki vase

Fill this small vase with a beautiful faux floral arrangement or a scented candle and place it on the armoire or on open shelving in your room. Because they’re affordable, consider buying multiples and making a pretty display in your bedroom. Crate and Barrel, $12.54. 1-bedroom-finds-pillow.jpg
Throw pillow
A feather-down insert and 100% cotton cushion will make anyone happy that this decorative item doubles as an extremely comfy pillow. The uniquely designed ruched squares will add flare to any simply decorated bed. CB2, $44.95.


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Bedroom finds under $50