Home decor: All about pink

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Home decor: All about pink

Think of little pink piglets running amok in a barn, or a pink pastry box full of wondrous strawberry treats. Pink is the colour of play and delight, and there's nothing better than a splash of pink to give oomph and vivre to your home.

More than any other colour, however, pink has strong feminine associations that can make or break the colour for both men and women. Decorator Anne Cincinnato of Cincinnato Interiors, says pink also has a bad history -- think 1980s dusty rose. "Pink was crazy in the '80s," she says. "People would have one shade of pink in every room of their house, and I'm still correcting this today."

In effect, most people got away from pink altogether, but forgetting about pink is equally misguided. "There are so many options for pink -- it can be soothing, warm and relaxing. Even men can relate to pink," explains Anne. "Just don't overdo it -- it's a powerful colour."

Suggestions for pink
When decorating with pink, Anne says it's important to break pink up with different shades throughout the house and to use colours that will balance the pink such as cream, chocolate, black, grey or even purple. "This also depends on the intensity of the colour," she says. While today's pinks are fresher and softer than ever before, pink still needs to have a balance and be appropriate for the room they're in.

Anne says a hint of pink in the bathroom works beautifully with white towels against stainless steel fixtures. (But just a hint!)

Home office
A deep or vibrant pink accent wall can be a stimulating addition to a dull-looking home office environment.

Dining room
She says a pale pink used in the dining room, balanced with green, can give the room a soft French Country look and will flatter most people's skin tones.

Teen's room
To update your teenager's room, Anne suggests pairing pink and orange together for a really current look. Or, try pink with purple and white using silver for base accents.

Family room
"This is a room for everyone," she explains. "For many people, pink will work best here as an accent with pillows, flowers and/or decorative objects."

Pink in general
A modern look for pink is to balance it with chromes and brushed nickels. Soft pink paired with accents of whites and creams gives a room a fresh look -- as long as the pink isn't overdone. "Pink is a great colour and don't be afraid to use it," says Anne.


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Home decor: All about pink