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Decor trends 2009

Decor trends 2009 Author: Style At Home

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Decor trends 2009

Trends may come and trends may go, but let’s face it: tossing the latest colour, fabric, pattern or material into your decor feels good. What’s not so good is the price tag that can come with being “in.”  “Colour is the easiest way to integrate the latest trends,” says Steve Suraci, principal of Icarus Designs. “Change your wall colour, add an accent wall of wallpaper, use more trendy accent pillows on neutral sofas. Even just adding a splash of colour with some easy, inexpensive accessories gives a great new look without blowing your budget.”

Whether you’ve got money to spend or a budget to keep, we’ve got the scoop on the must-have decor trends for 2009.

Go grey or go bold
Understated and vibrant are the colour palette for 2009. “I was just in London for Decorex -- the London Design Show -- and I witnessed two trends: the bleached-out Belgian look of driftwood colours, pale wood veneers with grey undertones, pale silk carpets, natural linens, pale natural leathers and taupe velvets,” says Tim Mather, owner and senior designer of TM Design. “And strong colour; Hermès orange, turquoise blue, lilacs and strong purples, Schiaparelli hot pink tempered with either chocolate brown, greys or taupes.” 

Globalize your home

The beauty and brilliance of world culture and design is big for 2009. “What I see emerging is a trend towards ‘modern ethno,’” says Jeanette Hlinka of Jeanette Hlinka Design, who points to the book Modern Ethno Interiors (Daab Books, 2008) as inspiration. “The look involves integrating furniture, fabrics, lighting, artefacts from different cultures in a clean, modern way by combining them with classic pieces.”

Jeffrey Fisher of Jeffrey Fisher Home is also excited by the world wanderer/exotic traveller look. “I want interesting furniture pieces mixed with kilim rugs and original pottery, colourful artwork and items collected from far-off travels displayed with the eye of a museum curator.”
Jeffrey Douglas, principal of Douglas Design Studio, is seeing a lot of Moroccan influence, in particular, especially printed and embossed grille patterns that are flattering fabrics, wall coverings and more.  Then there are exotic vintage-looking trunks, African beadwork and kuba cloth, says Tim.Add a dash of retro
A ‘60s and ‘70s revival is in the works, with bold colours, strong graphics and contemporary furnishings making their way into the modern home, says Tim. Jeffrey Fisher himself is on the lookout for lighting and chairs from this period, noting that accessories are the easiest way to integrate the latest trends into our current decor.

Save the planet, luxuriously
“What looks new is the imprint of the human hand,” says Jeanette. Eco-friendly materials and re-used, repurposed items remain on the hot list, but with a more affordable price tag. “ ‘Green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are still very hot buzzwords in the design world,” says Steve. “We’re finally getting ‘green’ finishes and options that are priced in line with non-green options, so it doesn’t cost more to be environmentally conscious, and you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.”

Think natural

When it comes to walls, paint isn’t the only way to go. In fact, says Jeffrey Douglas, wall coverings are becoming more and more popular. One trend he’s loving right now is grasscloth. “There are some great new grasscloths, very sophisticated,” he says. “We typically think of the ‘70s and something very rustic and very obviously grass, but there are some very fine and refined ones that have a sheen to them that are just beautiful, almost like silks.” 

Natural materials are also proving big in furnishings and accessories. Interior designer Ingrid Oomen of Qummunicate Inc., suggests combining natural textural pieces and shiny, slick lines, which work together and balance each other out. Try natural woven grasses and reeds in cushions and even in full pieces of furniture. “Think shiny lacquer table meets caned antique chairs.” Ingrid also likes crewel fabrics, especially in neutrals like white stitching on a natural linen fabric. “This to me is the toile of 2009.”


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Design Lesson

Decor trends 2009