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Cheeky chestnuts

Cheeky chestnuts Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Cheeky chestnuts

3 things you may not know about chestnuts

  • They're the only nuts that contain vitamin C, and are also low in both fat and calories.
  • They're often thought of as a vegetable, because they have little oil and a high amount of starch.
  • The trees in Canada are monitored by the Canadian Chestnut Council, since the blight of 1904 killed off almost all our native groves.

2 places to appeal to the chestnut nut

  • The south of Spain, where Chestnut Day is celebrated in towns like Ronda, Nerja, Malaga and Cartajima with fresh chestnuts and anise liquor.
  • Corsica, where the chestnut tree is venerated. Take the Chestnut Week tour and sample chestnut polenta, beer and ice cream, while visiting producers and farmers of chestnut products throughout the region.

3 ways to try chestnuts right now

  • Soak them in red wine before roasting them, like they do in Modena, Italy.
  • Mash cooked chestnuts like potatoes and serve them with holiday turkey.
  • Use organic chestnut flour to make early bird chestnut pancakes.

2 types of chestnuts to keep on hand

  • Marron glacé, the French candied chestnut delicacy that involves 16 different cooking processes; serve it at Christmas and New Year's.
  • Liqueur de Châtaigne de l'Ardèche, a specialty chestnut liqueur of southern France that's hard to find, but worth the hunt.

1 chestnut accessory to keep by the fire

  • A chestnut pan, such as De Buyer's Chestnut Pan, or an antique chestnut shovel. Indulge in fresh roasted chestnuts as the snow drifts down on a winter's day.


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Food Tips

Cheeky chestnuts