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Orange essentials

Orange essentials Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Orange essentials

3 things you may not know about oranges

  • The blossoms are a sign of good fortune and fertility. The aromatic, delicate white flower of an orange tree is the perfect addition to a bouquet or bridal wreath.
  • They are an alkaline fruit. Alkaline foods promote good health, help stave off illnesses and are key to a balanced diet. Pair that with the high vitamin C content, and you have yourself a super food.
  • When a Valencia orange is slightly green in colour it means the orange has had a chance to naturally ripen on the tree, having reabsorbed chlorophyll, and making it a juicier choice.

1 tip you can’t live without

  • Leave some of the pith (the white part under the peel) of the orange to eat. It contains about the same amount of vitamin C as the fruit.

2 ways to try oranges right now

  • In a marmalade with your favourite vanilla ice cream. Choose one made with Seville oranges (available from January to March) as a tart companion.
  • Try making candied orange peel. Simple recipes call for just water, orange peel and sugar.

2 varieties to look for at your grocer

  • Blood oranges. Besides their intense rich colour, blood oranges have a distinct flavour that mixes orange, grape and raspberry.
  • Kumquats are a delectable treat worth trying. The rind is sweet while the fruit is sour. Eat it whole or eat only the rind.

1 tool to keep on hand

  • A juicer. Look for a retro-inspired model, such as the Mighty OJ  to add some zing to your countertop.


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Food Tips

Orange essentials