Aug 6, 2014

Our sweetest rhubarb recipes


Our sweetest rhubarb recipes Author: Style At Home

Aug 6, 2014

Our sweetest rhubarb recipes

Rhubarb is in full bloom this summer. Learn how to bake with this sweet seasonal fruit using our best rhubarb dessert recipes.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-tart.jpg Rhubarb frangipane tart
This impressive rhubarb frangipane tart is the perfect decadent summertime dessert.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-nutty.jpg Apple, rhubarb, and strawberry nutty crumble
A crispy, nutty dessert bursting with berry flavours.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-recipes.jpg Sweet summer dessert recipes
Choose one of these delicious summer desserts to cool you down on a hot summer day.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-crepes.jpg Strawberry, rhubarb and mascarpone crepes
A not-too-sweet-sensory indulgence infused with the first delightful offerings of summer.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-summer.jpg 10 refreshing summer recipes
Welcome the coming of warm weather with these delicious summer recipes.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-pie.jpg 25 pie recipes
These sweet and savoury pie recipes are ideal for a large family dinner or for a quiet dinner at home.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-crumbles.jpg Mini strawberry rhubarb crumbles
Bursting with sweetness, these mini-strawberry and rhubarb crumbles are a wonderful little fruity treat.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-trifle.jpg Berry and rhubarb trifle
This coffee and marsala infused dessert is delightfully creamy and fruity.

rhubarb-recipes-final.jpg Radiant rhubarb
Cooking with rhubarb doesn't have to be limited to just pies.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-cake.jpg Delicious dessert recipes
Top off any meal with these delicious dessert recipes.

sweet-rhubarb-recipes-crisp.jpg Fruit crisp
Stick to your tried and true favourite or experiment with different fruits the next time you make dessert.

Lead photography by Joe Kim
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Our sweetest rhubarb recipes