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Wine & spirits: Sipping South Africa

Wine & spirits: Sipping South Africa Author: Style At Home

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Wine & spirits: Sipping South Africa

At the tip of the African continent where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, is one of the world’s most wondrous and beautiful grape-growing regions: South Africa. With a Mediterranean climate, picturesque landscape, fascinating history and delicious wines, it’s definitely a place you should add to your travel bucket list. Most wineries are located in and around Cape Town, making it a must-visit city for wine lovers.


Photography by Ryan Brook/TC Media

1 Chardonnay
What: This popular grape, planted all over the world, does especially well in South Africa.
Pairing: Drink it with your favourite fish.
Angela’s pick: Fleur Du Cap Chardonnay, $13.

2 Blended wines
What: South Africa offers some great examples of blends to sip and enjoy.
Pairing: Great with red meats and seafood.
Angela’s pick: The Wolftrap Viognier Chenin Blanc Grenache Blanc, $14.

3 Pinotage
What: Pinotage is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault (locally once called Hermitage, hence the blended name). It’s unique to South Africa and known for its chocolate, leather, coffee and smoke characteristics.
Pairing: A fantastic choice for smoky barbecue flavours.
Angela’s pick: The 2012 Grinder Pinotage, $14.

4 Chenin Blanc
What: The signature white grape of South Africa, Chenin Blanc makes a crisp and refreshing wine that also ages very well. It can be made oaked or unoaked.
Pairing: Wonderful on its own or with seafood.
Angela’s pick: The Pavillion Chenin Blanc Viognier, $11.

5 Sauvignon Blanc

What: Although it’s grown in many places around the world, Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa tastes amazing and is very affordable.
Pairing: It’s the perfect refreshment to enjoy while entertaining outdoors.
Angela’s pick: Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, $12.

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Wine & Spirits

Wine & spirits: Sipping South Africa