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Interior: One-month makeover

In just 4 weeks, TV host and lifestyle blogger Karen Bertelsen took her 170-year-old home from granny-ish to grand.

Ever buy something amazing, only to find everything else in your home feels unbearably old-fashioned in comparison? For TV personality and thrifty DIY maven Karen Bertelsen, the purchase of a sleek on-sale sectional precipitated a clean-sweep of her antiques-packed ("Picture Granny's house without Tweety Bird!") home. "If you buy a chair here, a table there, and then wait around for the perfect lamps, it can take years," Karen says. "I wanted none of that. I decided on a basic look and went nuts." She sold nearly all the antiques, painted the walls and rounded up new furniture for an organic modern scheme rich in wood and balanced in white.

"I like things that are a mix of primitive and rough, and sleek and contemporary," says Karen. She also loves to do it herself, the crux of her blog at -- an exercise in frugal inventiveness that chronicles everything from her whirlwind decorating experience to her killer antojitos recipe. 




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