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Interior: Parisian townhouse

Laura Muir
Kim Christie

A decade of living in France inspired the updated Parisian aesthetic to this Vancouver home.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to pick up design inspiration during their travels. Whether it’s recreating the rustic look of an Italian farmhouse kitchen or simply throwing down a few rugs found at an Istanbul flea market, infusing homes with ideas and items discovered abroad always gives a space a touch of personality and soul. Vancouver designer Effie Genovese used the same approach when it came to her own home, only on a much grander scale. It’s no surprise, considering it wasn’t just a quick jaunt across the pond that inspired her aesthetic but almost a decade of living and raising a family in the south of France.

When it came to this 5,000-square foot home renovation three years ago, Effie, who has been back in Vancouver since 2005 and runs the firm The Space Agency Design, wanted the house to complement the historical homes in its established Vancouver neighbourhood and reference something plucked out of Paris. (While living in France, Effie visited Paris regularly, trolling the flea markets and taking in the belle époque vibe.) “I envisioned an updated Parisian townhouse,” says Effie, “like a house that you would find in Paris that had been renovated. It’s modernized inside but still has all of the old charming details.”

Exterior architecture
The exterior architecture of this three-year-old house complements the historical homes found in the treelined neighbourhood while still referencing French charm in the details.
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