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Interior: Rustic contemporary cottage

Style at Home editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin talks with Toronto designer Ingrid Oomen on how she turned her family cottage into a country oasis.

Toronto designer Ingrid Oomen of Qummunicate transforms a dark and dated 4,000-square-foot family cottage into an open and airy country charmer in majestic Muskoka. Here, Style at Home editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin talks with the eminent designer to find out how.

Glass-panelled doors offer a relaxing view of the landscape, creating the perfect ambience for this casual reading nook.

Erin McLaughlin What’s your style?
Ingrid Oomen I try to stay away from trends and tend to gravitate toward things that have a history and a patina to them.

EM How would you describe your overall approach to design?

IO Function comes first for me. I consider how a space is going to be used, how natural lighting options can be introduced and how rooms will interact with one another.

EM Why did these homeowners enlist your help?

IO They wanted the cottage to have more usable space.
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