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Interior: Rustic Mid-Century Modern home

Decorating the home with a mid-century modern inspiration.

The modern, cohesive quality of Sharie and Patrick Hunter’s Calgary house may belie the fact that everything in it was collected over a long period of time. Even acquiring the house itself required a bit of patience on their part. Living right across the street, the couple – he is vice-president of North American sales for a pipeline maintenance company and she is a painter and the creative director at a graphic design company – fell in love with the house as they watched it being built from the ground up. Constructed by engineers-turned-homebuilders from 2006 to 2007, it was as solid as a bunker and featured an open layout, natural materials, clean lines, lots of windows and plenty of wall space meant for adding art (ideal for Sharie, who uses the house as a gallery for her large contemporary works). But when the couple expressed interest, they discovered it had already been sold. “So for a year, we watched other people live in our house!” says Patrick.

The Hunters

Homeowners Sharie and Patrick Hunter dig deep into their Prairie roots and love of collecting Mid-Century Modern pieces to create a space that clearly speaks to their passions. The result is a house that’s full of rich tales and family history, giving any visitor plenty to write home about.

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