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Interior: Scandinavian-style holiday home

Ornaments in quiet hues with touches of blue, grey and snowy white create a sense of magic and wonder in this Scandinavian-style home.

It's been nearly three years since Jennifer Hanlon and her daughter, Emily, now age 8, celebrated their first Christmas in this 1912 row house in Toronto’s Roncesvalles neighbourhood. Looking back, Jennifer laughs. “This place was in need of some serious TLC,” she  says. “I had been stripping, sanding and plastering almost  everything, but to celebrate without a real Christmas tree? Not a chance!”

So up went a teetering evergreen, on went some store-bought ornaments and out came the cookie dough, even though the floors were unfinished and the walls were still being worked on. Such was the beginning of the traditions that remain a part of the Hanlon household to this day: ornaments in quiet hues with touches of blue, grey and snowy white; a less-is-more approach that conjures a sense of peace and wonder; and a Scandinavian-style simplicity that reflects the home’s year-round decor – all done by mother and daughter as a team.
Festive staircase
This banister was the bane of my existence,” says Jennifer with a laugh. But after months of stripping, sanding, wood-filling and  painting, it’s a showpiece. So, what a great place to display the stockings! The boxwood garlands were fastened with woolwrapped wire for a more natural look, and the paper cones were filled with sprigs of leftover boxwood. Opening the stockings is a favourite tradition for Jennifer and Emily, so it’s only appropriate that they’re placed centre stage.
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