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Interiors: Industrial chic loft

A raw Vancouver loft space is transformed by an architect's poetic aesthetic.

Vancouver-based architect Omer Arbel doesn’t set out to design living spaces that are merely beautiful and functional. For him, success depends on taking things to the next level – an exercise in architectural poetics. In order for a space to flow, he believes, a sensitive arrangement of existing elements and bold new textures must interplay. In this 33-by-150-foot loft, the end result of his theory is pure delight – a deliberate placement of rough and smooth, rustic and sparkle, perfectly punctuated by a central shaft of open sky.


The architect: Omer Arbel
Omer Arbel, architect and creative director of city chic contemporary design house Bocci, sits beneath the Bocci 28.37, a pendant of his own design.


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