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Small space: Eclectic and colourful condo

Lindsay Mens Craig's condo uses pattern, colour and furniture to create a bold and confident home in a small space.

It may be a bold move to fill a small space with this much pattern, colour and furniture, but designer Lindsay Mens Craig boasts as much confidence as her space does personality – and it really works!

At 22 years of age, most of us weren't walking up to Sarah Richardson asking for a job. But most of us aren’t Lindsay Mens Craig. Humorous and energetic, she’s positively effervescent when she talks about what she loves – and what she loves is walls brimming with personality, bedding topped with texture à-gogo and surfaces accented with glitzy accessories galore.

Meet Lindsay Mens Craig
“When something calls my name, I buy it,” she says simply. She knows she’ll find a place for it – even if it’s a chorus of voices calling out to her different tastes and styles. So when Lindsay decorated her 800-square foot condo in downtown Toronto, a crowd of textures, colours and patterns seamlessly came together, mixing and mingling as easily and comfortably as old friends.

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