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How to: Make a birdcage pendant light

Style at Home managing editor and resident crafter Catherine Therrien shows you how to make this eye-catching birdcage pendant light.

This eye-catching and unique pendant light can be made in three easy steps.


  • Wooden birdcage
  • Drill with a drill bit
  • Cord set
  • Light bulb
  • Ceiling hook

1 Find the centre point on the top of your birdcage and drill a hole for the cord to pass through, using a drill bit that’s about the same diameter as the cord.

2 Unscrew the lighting hardware from the cord, pass the cord through the hole and reattach all the elements from inside the birdcage. Screw on the light bulb.

3 Suspend the light from the ceiling using a hook and plug in – or, to make it a mounted fixture, purchase a conversion kit at your local lighting store.

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