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How to: Make over a coffee table

Kevin Austin
Photography by
Michael Graydon

Kevin Austin takes an old coffee table and transforms it into a boho-chic bench.

The find Less-than-stellar coffee tables are everywhere you look on the secondhand market. I found this one on Craigslist for just $15, and it struck me that it had the right proportions – 17" x 53" – for a hallway bench.

The transformation The suzani-inspired upholstery and bold orange paint finish turn this boring brown table into a fabulous foyer perch.

Tackle this project in one of three ways, according to your time, budget and skill level.

1 Do the painting and upholstery yourself.
2 Paint the piece yourself but have a pro handle the upholstery. (That's what I chose to do, picking the fabric I wanted -- Suzani in Sun from Invu Drapery Co.)
3 Take it to an upholsterer who can handle painting and upholstery. He or she can even present you with fabric options if you don’t have time to make it to a fabric store.



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