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DIY rope mirror

DIY rope mirror Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

DIY rope mirror

Managing editor and resident crafter Catherine Therrien was inspired by the popular rustic rope mirror and put a chic and playful spin on it by replacing the rope with yards of jersey fabric in a pretty coral hue.


  • 30" round mirror
  • Mirror-hanging hardware
  • Pencil
  • 4 yards of jersey knit fabric
  • Staple gun

1 You’ll need a large round mirror for this project with a deep frame (this one has a depth of 2.") so that the fabric rope sits flush around the mirror without popping off.

2 Hang the mirror on the wall. Note: The fabric rope is purely decorative and will not support the mirror in any way so please make sure the mirror is properly installed.

3 Mark the centre point for your knot on the wall with a pencil. It should be approximately 12" above the top of the mirror.

4 This is a two-person job. With each person holding an end, twist the fabric until it’s tightly rolled (but not kinked).

5 While one person is holding an end and helping guide the fabric rope around the mirror, the second person will form a loop with the other end, securing sections of the looped fabric rope to the wall at the centre point with a staple gun. (The knot-like top is formed in two separate steps in order to ensure that the fabric keeps its tight twist.)

6 Take the loose end and weave it through the existing loop to make it look like a knot and secure it in place with the staple gun. Make sure to tuck the ends within the knot so they’re not visible. There’s no exact science to creating the knot – just go with the flow of the fabric rope.


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DIY Projects

DIY rope mirror