DIY Projects

Gift wrapping ideas for store-bought treats

Gift wrapping ideas for store-bought treats Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

Gift wrapping ideas for store-bought treats

The holidays tend to be a hectic moment of the year: between choosing gifts, entertaining friends and family and planning a holiday meal, time can be hard to find! Although most of us would love to be able to make homemade baked goods for our nearest and dearest, it's not always feasible to do so. We've gathered a few easy ideas to beautifully wrap store-bought treats and make them feel just as special as if you had made them yourself. Gift-mason.jpg Mason jars
Mason jars are inexpensive and easy to find. They make pretty containers for festive candy and other small chocolates. These are filled to the brim with festive red sour cherries and tied with a simple red ribbon. They are the perfect small gift and are beautifully practical when re-purposed to store spices, salt or sugar.

Wooden CHEESEBOARD, Indigo. Gift-truffles.jpg
Bows and pretty boxes
Packing a pretty patterned box with truffles is an easy way to elevate a store-bought treat. Add a thick ribbon tied in a big bow and you're set!

, Indigo; Dulce de leche TRUFFLES, President's choice at Loblaws.

Gift-hostessgift.jpgThe perfect take-away gift
Giving friends and family members a small gift to take home after a holiday dinner is the perfect way for them to remember the meal. These miniature boxes decorated with white ribbon hide a small chocolate and are sure to make everyone smile.

Assorted CHOCOLATES, President's Choice for Loblaws.

Festive lollipops
Beautifully wrapping a gift will undoubtedly make the person receiving it feel special. Adding an edible treat like this over-sized lollipop is an easy way to add a touch of pizzazz to a tradionally wrapped present.

Hammond's Cherry Swirl & Peppermint Swirl LOLLIPOPS, Indigo. Gift-bags.jpg
Transparent bags and ribbons
Transparent bags are an inexpensive way to elevate any gourmet treat. Stack a handful of festive coloured candy in a bag and tie with a big bow.

Chocolate and Toffee CANDY, President's Choice for Loblaws. Gift-Last.jpg
Personalized gift tags
These almond clusters are stacked in pretty mini take-out container and adorned with a personalized gift tag.



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DIY Projects

Gift wrapping ideas for store-bought treats