Organizing Ideas

How to make the most out of your garage

How to make the most out of your garage Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

How to make the most out of your garage

Turn your garage into the most functional space in your home with these helpful organization ideas and storage solutions.

garage-organization-ideas-pros.jpg Real estate: The pros of having a garage
If you have the space and the budget, Scott McGillivray advises that having a garage is a great way to add value to your home.

garage-organization-ideas-diet.jpg Does your house need to go on a diet?
Clutter is every homeowner's worst nightmare. Design expert, Lynda Felton, offers some styling tips and tricks for making your house feel homey again.

garage-organization-ideas-room.jpg Organizing ideas for every room in your house
A room-by-room guide to keeping your home gloriously orderly and organized.

garage-organization-ideas-entert.jpg 5 fab outdoor entertaining spaces
Turn your backyard into a sweet retreat with these 5 outdoor entertaining ideas.

garage-organization-ideas-colour.jpg Colourful garage makeover
A converted garage gets a colourful facelift in fun shades of pink and orange.

garage-organization-ideas-curb.jpg 11 curb appeal ideas
It's what’s outside that counts! Check out these 11 exterior upgrades that’ll give your home simple but effective curb appeal.

garage-organization-ideas-weeken.jpg The one-weekend garage makeover
Transform this dusty room into something spotless in a short time.

garage-organization-ideas-possib.jpg New possibilities for the home garage
The latest trend? A garage that gets used as much as the rest of the house!

garage-organization-ideas-door.jpg How to: Pick the right garage door
Our guide to help you find the garage door that is perfect for your home.

garage-organization-ideas-clutte.jpg Clutter hot spots
Control clutter found in entryways.

garage-organization-ideas-outdoo.jpg Get organized outdoors
Turn your outdoor surroundings into an organized haven.

garage-organization-ideas-organi.jpg Organizing 101: Garages
Take your garage from a disorganized mess to a clean multifunctional space you'll enjoy using with these organizing tips.

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Organizing Ideas

How to make the most out of your garage