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A handwritten holiday note is all the more special when sent as a handmade card.

Take a look at these pretty ideas to make your own holiday cards this holiday season. From festive reindeers, to elegant christmas trees, these cards are sure to make whoever receives them feel loved. Cards-1.jpg


  • exacto knife
  • 11" x 7" blue card stock (folded in half)
  • scissors
  • laser-cut snowflake paper
  • turquoise glitter paper
  • transparent tape
  • silver glitter dome stickers
  • glue stick
  • 5½" x 7" blue card stock (extra piece)

Using an exacto knife, cut out a 3" x 4½" opening centred on the front of the folded card stock. Cut the snowflake paper and glitter paper to half an inch larger than the opening on all sides.

2 Layer the snowflake paper over the glitter paper and attach with transparent tape at the edges. The piece should be large enough so that you don’t see the taped edges when the papers are placed behind the opening.

Tape to the inside of the frame. Embellish with glitter dome stickers. Glue the extra piece of card stock to the inside front of the card (to hide the taped papers).


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