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A handwritten holiday note is all the more special when sent as a handmade card.

Materials (top left)
  • pencil
  • magnolia-leaf template
  • green construction paper (2 shades)
  • scissors
  • 6½" x 11" white card stock (folded in half)
  • glue dots
  • self-adhesive rhinestones

Using a pencil, trace the magnolia-leaf template onto two shades of green construction paper (we used about 50 leaves). Using scissors, cut out the leaves and fold each one in half lengthwise to create dimension.

2 Draw a 3½" square centred on the front of the folded card stock. Layer the magnolia leaves to form a wreath, attaching the leaves with glue dots in alternating directions to create a full, lush effect. Adorn the wreath with self-adhesive rhinestones.

Materials (poinsettias card)

  • red and pink construction paper (3 of each colour)
  • pencil
  • petal template
  • scissors
  • glue dots
  • self-adhesive rhinestones
  • solid and patterned green ribbon
  • 7" x 11" white card stock (folded in half)

Fold a square piece of construction paper in half twice. Using a pencil, trace the petal template onto the construction paper (the base of the petal should be along the folded edges of the construction

2 Using scissors, cut out the petal, leaving the folded corner uncut. Open to yield a flower shape. Repeat two more times to make one flower. Fold each petal inward to create dimension. Using glue dots, layer and secure the petals on top of one another, rotating to create the shape of the flower.

3 Affix a grouping of three self-adhesive rhinestones in the centre of the flower. Repeat to create the second poinsettia, varying the size. To make the leaves, use solid and patterned green ribbon for pretty pattern and texture.

4 Attach the ribbon and paper poinsettias to the card stock with glue dots.

Download printable templates here.

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