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How to display family photos

6 stylish ways to display your family's favourite memories, no matter what your design aesthetic may be.

In a world where everything is digital, it’s often easier to view all your photos on a computer screen, tablet or phone, rather than physically displaying them in your home. But we say it’s time to take a technology break and get back into showing off your beautiful family photos, travel images and more. Yes, you can slide from image to image in a gallery on your iPad, but a customized wall display can not only be a conversation piece, but can also be your own personalized piece of art.

Paige Johnston, Lux Design’s Condo Quickie lead designer based in Calgary shares her tips on how to create an amazing and beautiful family photo display. “Technology is actually great. My family just hired a photographer for a few hours for family photos and the prints were amazing – custom made to any size,” says Paige. “They took so many photos and they gave us all of them. You can do so much with it, so technology has really helped.” So take the time to get your photos off your phone and computer and make a wall display of your most cherished pictures.

How to display family photos


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