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Project: Chalkboard table numbers

Lower the cost and heighten the style of your wedding with these chalkboard table numbers.

Time 3 to 4 hours
When to start 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding
Budget $20 to $50 depending on types of vessels used

Bottles, jars, flower pots, or vases spray painted with chalkboard paint are perfect vehicles for table numbers, and they double as vessels for flowers. Chalk is forgiving, so feel free to use your creativity in handwriting your table numbers or names.

Makes 10 table numbers
• 10 vessels with a smooth surface: vases, wine bottles, large glass jars, or cans
• 2 to 3 cans chalkboard spray paint
• Chalk
• 10 to 12 sheets newspaper, or a drop cloth
• Medium-sized cardboard box, about as tall as your tallest vessel
• Rubber gloves
• Face mask
• Sponge

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