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Project: Pretty room divider

This wallpaper-covered room divider creates a stunning way to split up your space.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra privacy, or you want to create a whole room-within-a-room, setting up a couple of bi-fold doors is a great place to start. Covering the panels in paper will make them blend into their surroundings and prevent them from looking like someone dropped a cubicle in your living room.

Bi-fold doors
Wallpaper (1 to 2 rolls, depending on the size and number of bifold doors)
Measuring tape
Metal ruler or carpenter
Utility knife
Spray paint (optional)
Wallpaper paste and brush
Plastic float
Screwdriver (optional)

1 Measure the doors and cut your paper to size using a utility knife and metal ruler or carpenter square as your guide, leaving a 2" allowance on the top and bottom.

2 If you would like the sides of the dividers to match the paper, spray paint the edges of the doors in a complementary colour and let them dry completely.

3 Apply paste and book your wallpaper.

4 Carefully place your wallpaper on the first room divider door.

5 Smooth down the paper with a brush and remove any air bubbles with a plastic float.

6 Trim off the excess paper at the top and bottom using a utility knife.

7 Repeat for the other door, matching up the pattern.

If you're creating a wider room divider using multiple bi-fold doors, attach them together using the provided hinge.

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