Around the house resolutions 2014

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Around the house resolutions 2014

  • “I want to find simple, inexpensive ways to refresh my home – if you’re anything like me, the start of the year is a time to save. First, I need to assess. Make a list of what I love about my house, what I’d like to change and what I must change. This will help me be practical about my budget and realistic about what changes I can actually make. Then I need to update – find cheap and cheerful ways to spruce up spaces that aren’t on my must-change list. Next is organizing, venturing behind closed doors to find what’s hidden away in my cupboards and closets and switch out what I have on display. Finally, purge! I need to be ruthless about sorting through all of the things I’ve found at flea markets or on the side of the road over the years.” Erin McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief

  • "If there's one thing I love, it's luxurious drapery. Beautiful drapery can really take a room from drab to fab. Sadly, I still have terribly ugly blinds in my bedroom; they're an eyesore and I cringe every time I see them. This year, my at-home design resolution is to get rid of them and replace them with gorgeous curtains. The only question is: Which ones should I choose?" Natalie DiScala, Senior Web Editor

  • “My resolution is to get a cleaning lady. I've tried and tried to handle everything on my own, but the truth is it's time. I don't need dishwashing or laundry-doing, just your basic dusting and bathroom cleaning will suffice. I think it will make my life a whole lot better, and I'm convinced that this is the year!” — Suzanne Moutis, Executive Editor

  • “I've spent the past year truly settling into my apartment — trying out new layouts and rearranging furniture (not an easy feat in a small bachelorette). I've held back from buying new furniture to replace old secondhand items. Now that I feel like I know all the ins and outs of my apartment I'm ready to shop! My home resolution this year is to create my ideal home office. It's time to toss out my old, small, dilapidated desk from university and find something that's the right size and style. Throw in a beautiful work lamp, some new workspace storage and organizers, and I'll be a happy worker!” Elaine Song, Web Editor

  • “My New Year's resolution is to put all those unused pieces that I have sitting around in my guest room (a.k.a. storage room) on Craigslist or Kijiji. I'll be able to get rid of some clutter and make some money at the same time. That's what I call a win-win!” Catherine Therrien, Managing Editor

  • “As thrilling as it sounds, one resolution is to go through all the vintage pinwheel crystal I inherited and remove the ancient cracked labels from the glassware. It's been sitting in boxes waiting to be cleaned up and used for months. Goo-gone here I come in 2014!” Jessica Waks, Design Editor

  • “In 2014 I want to get my dining room in order! It's the last space in my apartment that I still need to pull together. I keep putting it off because it means I have to deal with my current make shift sideboard that is full to the brim with napkins, serving trays, wine, cookbooks, candles… you name it! It also has some open shelving, that, when styled, looks great, but in my everyday life it can come across as messy. I'm looking to purchase a smart sideboard with closed door storage (that looks chic) early in the year and tackling this room once and for all! Wish me luck!” Morgan Lindsay, Design Assistant

  • “My resolution is to clean all my paper clutter! Throw away old bills and papers that are not necessary to keep, and buy new filed folders and desk accessories to keep the clutter at bay. Indigo has that new Poppin brand that I love! — Sofia Barros, Senior Associate Art Director

  • “In 2014, I'm resolved to wrap up the decorating of my new condo. Finding a way to make the place reflect both my and my fiance's personalities has been more than a little challenging. I can't help but gravitate toward all things girly, while he's a man cave guy through and through. It's not always easy to blend his stuff (knife collection, anyone?) into the mix in a stylish way, but I'm up to the challenge! “ Mary Levitski, Research Editor

  • “I'd like to refresh my bedroom in the New Year. My plan is to change up the bedding, hang new drapery, organize the closet and dresser. I'd also like to put up artwork and install a better lighting scheme.” Amanda Etty, Assistant Editor

  • “I'm hoping to buy a house next year, so the goal is to purge and get rid of things that I know I keep just for the sake of keeping. I'm aiming to have a place for everything so I'm never searching for things and to keep table and countertops clear and clutter-free!” — Tang Luu, Associate Art Director

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Around the house resolutions 2014