Sparkling bathroom makeover

Sparkling bathroom makeover Author: Style At Home


Sparkling bathroom makeover

For this bathroom makeover, the homeowner's vision was to do away with the drab and create as much practical storage space as possible -- all in a tiny ensuite with a sophisticated jewel-like finish. For help, she turned to Tamara Robbins Griffith, Style at Home managing editor and former design spokesperson for IKEA Canada.

Inexpensive inspiration Affordable accessories -- framed IKEA artwork, a sleek pendant light and a custom shower curtain -- lend a luxe look. The artwork draws the eye away from the sloped ceiling, while floating glass shelves showcase pretty toiletries.


ikea-storage.jpg Space saver "Because of the vanity's proximity to the toilet, sliding doors were truly a necessity," says designer Tamara Robbins Griffith. "They enabled us to get the most out of the space."


Darling dressing area An inexpensive rug laid over existing carpeting imparts colour, while the deco-inspired wallpaper animates the neutral space with luxe pattern. The trio of chandeliers sparkles with elegant femininity.


ikea-bathroom-drawer.jpg Clearly organized This acrylic insert holds makeup just as easily as it could hold crafting tools. "There's no reason not to use a custom-fitted insert elsewhere," Tamara says.


Pale palette The pretty, pale colour scheme is brightened by a simple vase of fresh flowers.

Tamara's top tips for a truly organized bathroom
1 Take inventory of what you are going to be storing before you design the space, ensuring there's a place for everything.

2 Consider wall-mounted cabinets or a vanity that floats above the floor.
That will provide room to tuck a stool or baskets underneath, especially useful for a family bathroom.

3 Choose a vanity with drawers. When drawers are pulled out, it's easy to see and find everything -- much better than reaching into the back of a dark cabinet.

4 Conquer clutter with clear acrylic organizers. They're a great choice because you can see what's inside.


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Sparkling bathroom makeover