Small Spaces

Small space solution: Double-duty rooms

Small space solution: Double-duty rooms Author: Style At Home

Small Spaces

Small space solution: Double-duty rooms

With some skillful organization, one small, stylish space achieves two pleasing purposes: a media room that moonlights as a cozy guest room.

1 Pullout sofa
A plush pullout sofa is a staple for homeowners who don’t have a spare bedroom.

2 Coffee table
Maximize space with a narrow, open-framed coffee table. It’s visually light on the eye, and you can display a few collectibles underneath.

3 Drapes and blinds
The woven blind offers privacy while letting light in when the family is reading, but thick drapes block the early morning sun from slumbering guests.

4 Pouffes
Simple seating that doesn’t take up much real estate, pouffes are a smart option to accommodate extra people in a small space.

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5 Ample storage room

A media unit that extends to the ceiling is a great stylish storage solution that offers ample storage room. Retrofit it with your own hardware for a custom look.

6 Hiding the television
If you can’t hide it behind closed doors, tuck your television into a framed nook and add a backing in one of your room’s accent paint colours. double-duty-room-7.jpg
7 Ornate box

Fancy yet functional, this ornate box on the coffee table hides remotes in plain sight and reduces the chance they’ll get lost. double-duty-room-8.jpg
8 Built-in organizer

The benefit of a built-in organizer: A drawer full of DVDs, organized and easy to find, stored directly under the only place you’d ever use them.


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Small Spaces

Small space solution: Double-duty rooms