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7 kitchen organization tips

Kathleen Dore

Try out these simple storage solutions that'll help you maximize your efficiency in the kitchen.

Your kitchen is probably a hub of activity. The last thing you need is clutter cramping your workspace and your style. Increase your storage capacity with these simple tips and open up space you never knew you had.

1 Retrofit your cabinets to customize and maximize space. Spice drawer storage inserts, pull-out pantry shelves, tea towel holders and more are available –- visit a home improvement centre for ideas. If canned goods disappear in an awkward cupboard corner, rip out the shelves and install a lazy Susan.

2 Throw out expired food and give excess to a food bank. If your kitchen is small, shop more often for small amounts of food to ease your storage needs.

3 Store small appliances used daily or weekly in easy-to-reach areas in the kitchen; keep items used once a month to once every six months on high shelves or in awkward corners; those used less frequently can be stored in the basement or garage, or consider giving them away. Ask yourself: Do I really need this?

4 Install open shelves or hooks to maximize empty wall space –- be careful not to create a cluttered display.

5 Keep everyday items on open shelves for easy access (but only if they're attractive and kept tidy).

6 Place a shelf over a door or window for storing cookbooks or to prop a few favourite plates.

7 Use the area between the cabinets and the ceiling to store trays or baskets filled with seldom-used items.

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