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99 home resolutions

Keeping your home organized is easy with our ultimate list of 99 home resolutions.

If your dishes are piling up and the laundry hamper is overflowing, you could probably use some help. Sometimes the easiest chores are left undone simply because there's not enough time (or energy!) in the day to do them. The trick is to maintain a certain sense of order so you're not bogged down with clutter and chores. Here's our ultimate list of things to do to keep your house in order throughout the year.

Around the house

Change light bulbs and switch to energy-saving ones if you haven't already.

Test your carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries if necessary.

Test your smoke alarms and change the batteries if necessary.

Clean the ceilings. Dust and cobwebs are often hidden in this part of your home.

Put an emergency kit together. You never know when you may need it. According to the Government of Canada website, every family should have a 72-hour emergency kit in their home. The kit should include basic necessities like water, food (canned and dried), a manual can opener, flashlight, radio (wind-up or battery), extra batteries, first aid kit, house and car keys, cash and finally an emergency plan.

Surround yourself with your loved ones. Create a photo wall and update it every few months.

Brighten up your place and your mood! Invest in fresh flower arrangements regularly. You'll be surprised how much cheerful flowers and a splash of colour can improve your mood.


Store seasonal items. Why take up valuable closet space with clothes and accessories that won't be worn for another six months? Invest in space-saving vacuum storage bags. All you need is a vacuum to remove excess air to increase your storage space.

Add catchall baskets. One for bulky items like scarves and mitts and another for small things like keys and sunglasses. If you have a bench or chair in your entryway, place a big basket on the floor beside it. Place the small basket on a side table in close proximity to the door. When they're full of stuff that shouldn't be there, have one family member return items to their rightful places.

Install hooks for children's coats and low shelving with baskets for their accessories. This encourages them to dress themselves and put away their own things.

Place a stool or chair in your foyer for a comfy place to sit and put shoes on.

Add extra hangers in the closet for guests. Nothing's worse than having guests over and having to throw their jackets on your bed!

Go through the closet and ditch any coats, shoes and anything else that's not in regular use. Use the one-year rule for this endeavour. If you haven't used it in at least a year, it's time to let it go!

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