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Around-the-house spring chores

Making a spring chore list will get your home neat and tidy in no time.

With winter well and truly behind us, it’s time to get your house and garden ready to face not just the warm weather, but the damaging effects of summer sun, rain and wind. Choose a fine spring day and walk around the outside of your house, taking inventory of what tasks need attending to, before they become a major – and possibly costly – repair. Don’t think of spring home maintenance as “chores”; consider it a great excuse to spend time outside in the sunshine!

Here’s a list of 18 around-the-house spring chores to consider:

1 Inspect your roof for any loose, missing or damaged shingles, evidence of leaks, cracks in seals or flashing that may have shifted.

2 Scrape, prime and repaint any peeling or bubbling paint on trim or woodwork. Touch-ups now can forestall or prevent a big painting job later on.

3 Check your steps and deck for cracks, rotting boards or places where nails have popped up. With concrete steps, consider painting them with concrete paint to protect the surface and spruce them up; repair any cracks.

4 Clean and check your eavestroughs and make any needed repairs. Consider buying leafguards for the tops of downspouts; these are easy-to-clean mesh screens that prevent debris from flowing into the downspout and clogging it.

5 Walk around the perimeter of your house, carefully checking the foundation and seal for cracks. Even small cracks should be repaired; they have a way of growing into big cracks, and possibly leaks.

6 Coat your driveway with driveway sealer.

7 Arrange for an annual check-up of your cooling system, before the summer rush.

8 Clean and, if necessary, replace your furnace air filter. If you didn’t have it cleaned in the fall, schedule a furnace cleaning.

Wash your windows inside and out; take down storm windows if you have them, and wash and install window screens and window coverings.

Keep reading for nine more around-the-house spring chores.
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