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Organizing 101: Resolve to declutter

Start the year off on the right foot by creating a clutter-free space and dealing with home organization.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to declutter. The effects are so immediately apparent, they'll give you a sense of accomplishment -- the perfect mindset for tackling more challenging goals.

How do I get started?
Begin with whatever irritates you most. Is it piles of paper on the kitchen counter or, perhaps, a bulging bedroom closet? Organizing the most annoying clutter zone will be motivating.

Start small
If the kitchen bugs you, tackle one section at a time, starting with what's most visible. The improvement will encourage you to continue till the room is clutter-free.

Stay motivated
Incorporating decluttering into your lifestyle is actually about forming a new habit, and you know how challenging that can be! The first three weeks will be difficult, but after the first month or so, you'll be over the hump. Keep decluttering in perspective: it shouldn't take over your life. It's a small, short activity that you do so your home works well and looks good, and so you have time to do what you like.

Do one job at a time
It's easy to get pulled into another clutter zone and desert the job you started. Don't. Then you'll have two partially decluttered areas, and it will look like you've accomplished nil. Stick to one part of one room till it's complete.

Set a time limit
Don't say, Today I'll organize the garage. Instead, say, I'll spend an hour on the gardening tools; next week I'll work on sports equipment. If you haven't finished in an hour, keep going, or return to the job another day.

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