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10 things to do in August

Don't fret, you still have one more month of summer! Make the most of it with these simple suggestions.

1 Pack a picnic
Enjoy every last bit of the warm weather by packing a picnic over your weekend. Visit your local park or take a trip to a small town outside of your city. Either way, enjoy the sunshine so the memory lasts well into fall.

2 Garage sweep
Do a massive clean sweep of your garage at the end of the summer. A tedious task, yes, but when the time comes for you to store your patio furniture, BBQ and everything else that comes with outdoor entertaining, you'll realize how worthwile it was!

3 Get your groove on -- with your kids!
In a few weeks, the kids will return to school and even though you may sigh in relief, your children will presumably be less than pleased. Really want to surprise them? Plan a return-to-school party for your kids and friends and fill loot bags with fun back-to-school supplies. You'll be the coolest parent on the block!

4 Fire it up
The end of summer -- although sad -- isn't necessarily the end of the fun. Host an end-of-summer bonfire in your backyard with a portable bonfire. Roast marshmallows, sip hot chocolate and share laughter with good friends.

5 Book it
Come September, we begin to sow the seeds for staying indoors, so why not update your library with new fall titles? Saying goodbye to summer by cosying up on the couch with a hot new book won't seem so bad.

6 Closet clean-up
Time to store away your airy camisoles and sundresses to make room for the season's new looks. Take extra initiative and have your clothes laundered and folded by a professional. It will make packing that much easier so the next time the warm weather rolls around, you're just as fresh as a daisy, too!


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