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10 things to do in January

Carmen Taylor

The festivities are over -- all the family dinners, open houses, soirees...poof, done! Here are a few things to do around the house this month while you have some downtime.

1 Review presents and hostess gifts
Of course your friends and family love you and were grateful for your hospitality, but no doubt you don't really need all the tokens of affection you received. Surely someone else could make better use of that collection of tea, those pot holders or that picture frame? Hold on to what you love, by all means, but get rid of the rest by dropping it off at Goodwill, Value Village or your favourite charity.

2 Tapers, tea lights, scented...
Candles make the season and since you've probably gone through a whack of them, replace your stock now. They don't have a shelf life so it'll be one less thing to shop for next year.

3 Move the furniture
You may be surprised what you find there. Take the cushions off sofas and chairs, vacuum along the wall behind the furniture and then turn your attention to the inside of the furniture itself. After the hosting you've done, no doubt it needs it.

4 Sort your CDs
Are there songs or compilations you wish you'd had at your last get-together? Are there CDs you just never listen to anymore? Now's the time to get rid of those and make a list of the titles you want to add to your collection. Look online –- some of your favourites may be on sale now.

5 Clean out the fridge
All those half bottles of olives, maraschino cherries, and other garnishes that you use only for special occasions… Those opened containers of sauces, dips and marinades that don't work with weekday meals… why hold on to them? The next time you need them, they will probably have passed their best-before date. Either plan menus around them or get rid of them and don't feel guilty about it.

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