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10 things to do in June

Let yourself be lazy this summer by preparing your home in advance.

Summer arrives this month, which means that the entertaining season and warm weather activities are here, too! Here are 10 things to do to make the most of this short-lived season!

1 Prep your guest room for summer visitors
Whether you have weekend visitors or extended visitors, make your guest room feel like a holiday retreat. Set out a basket of fresh linens, towels, soaps and creams so guests can immediately freshen up after arriving. Make suitcase unpacking easy by clearing space on top of a dresser or setting out a small table. Give the room a true B&B feel with a vase of fresh cut flowers and a few sweet treats left on freshly fluffed pillows.

2 Put together a picnic kit
Make your outdoor eating a mobile affair with a packed picnic kit. Include a blanket or table cloth, plastic plates, cutlery, tumblers, wine glasses, a small cutting board and knife, wine/bottle opener and cloth napkins. Traditional picnic baskets have a kitschy charm to them, but any bag will do. Try a beach bag, weekender bag or even a carry-on suitcase will do the job!

3 Prep your kids' play space
The long, lazy days of summer are even longer if your kids can't keep themselves entertained. Put books, activities and toys within easy reach -- baskets on the floor work especially well -- and throw down a few oversized floor cushions that they can laze about on with their friends. These baskets and cushions are especially ideal because they can be easily moved anywhere inside or outside your home.

4 Organize your garage
There's no better time to do this dreaded job than the summer. The best place to start? Purge anything you no longer need. Maximize the space by storing as much as you can on or along the walls. Use a combination of hooks and shelves to organize your most frequently used tools and items, while storing away lesser used items in durable bins that can be stacked or placed on upper level shelves. Click here for more garage organizing tips.

5 Upgrade your ceiling fan
Have an outdated, out-of-the box ceiling fan whirring overhead? If you use ceiling fans to cool your home or cottage, it's worth looking at new styles that are available. In a variety of distinctive designs, today's ceiling fans now come in natural materials such as palm, woven bamboo or wicker.

Image courtesy of Crate and Barrel.


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