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10 Christmas tree alternatives and other small-space decorating ideas

When a real tree in a tiny home is not an option, try these alternative Christmas decorating ideas.

Decorating for the Christmas season in a small house or condo can present multiple challenges, foremost of which is the Christmas tree conundrum. When space is at a premium, it's not easy to move or even remove furniture to accommodate a real tree. And even if you have the space for one, some apartment and condo rules prohibit real trees because of disposal and common-area clean-up issues. Not to mention many condos also don't have a mantel or staircase-traditional places to deck the halls with Yule decor. With these concerns in mind, we gathered up 10 solutions for Christmas decorating in a small space.

1 Use wall decals
All you need is a little bit of blank wall to put up this Christmas tree wall decal, by Montreal-based Subhuti Designs and available on The sticker decals are made of vinyl, come in a large range of cheery colours, and are easily removable. They're even suitable for smooth surfaces like fridges, large furniture and windows. Consider using one in a tight entranceway or even as a focal point behind a sofa, as shown. $24 US, Subhuti Designs on
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