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Martha Uniacke Breen

The high-tech home welcomes an assortment of products.

As high technology becomes more and more prominent in daily life, product designers are finding ever more creative ways to make our home lives better, healthier or simply more fun. Here's a look at some of the new products we've come across recently that would be right at home in George Jetson's house.

LG Electronics, the company who brought you the world's first Internet fridge, continues to marry high-tech with home appliances. The new TV Refrigerator features a built-in 13-inch TV, so you can work alongside your favourite TV chef, or chill out and watch your favourite program over lunch. The fridge itself is packed with cool features like a built-in wine chiller bar, 26 cubic feet of interior space and a full range of colours including LG's new Titanium finish. (

But why just restrict your TV watching to kitchen appliances? A new bathroom towel warmer made by Myson Inc. features a full-length mirror and a built-in plasma TV screen which disappears when the TV is off. The 34-inch by 48-inch unit projects about four inches from the wall and is available in chrome or satin nickel finish. (

The flood of digital home photography has brought a new dimension to an old-fashioned hobby -- scrapbooking. Using a digital camera and photo printer to capture and print images, you can manipulate your images to the right dimensions and frames for a perfect scrapbook scene. And with special software such as HP's Creative Scrapbook Assistant, you can even assemble the scrapbook pages themselves, by drag-and-dropping the images into preformed templates -- no cutting or gluing required! (

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